The Right Test for the Best Baby Car Seat

The Right Test for the Best Baby Car Seat

Choose the seat according to the weight and height of the child. Preferably select only those seats that have performed well in the TCS test. For trips by car with baby best playpen , it is essential to have a good car seat, compulsory for children under 10 years old. But with the many models on the market, buying can become a real headache for parents. How to choose the right baby car seat? What are the criteria to be taken into account? Our advice to make the right choice for the baby car seat.

  • If the vehicle is fitted with Isofix anchor points, also include Isofix seats in the selection.
  • Only buy seats with the usually orange sticker in accordance with ECE R44.04 resp. R129 (for example 04 30 10 27).

Carry out a seat installation test in your own vehicle. Check that the belt is long enough, that its geometry plays and that the seat does not move. The seat must be able to be installed firmly and must not move, tip over or slide.

  • Check that the installation of the child and the closing of the harness as well as the adjustments can be carried out easily.
  • An easily removable cover facilitates cleaning.
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A flea market child seat, a good lode?

During an unannounced check, the “old” seat approved according to ECE R44.02 turned out to be a death trap baby journey blog. The belt path broke, the seat and the dummy were catapulted against the front seat.

Today, child seats fitted with regulatory standards (homologation before 1995) are prohibited. In addition, the TCS recommends using a child seat for a specified period of time, because child seats that are used for too long are no longer state of the art and therefore will provide less protection. Using a seat for a long time generates an alteration in the protective efficiency of the polystyrene elements, which means in practice that the material loses its cushioning efficiency.

Duration of use of child seats recommended by the TCS:

  • Group 0+
  • 5 years
  • Group I
  • 6 years
  • Group II / III
  • 9 years
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Points to observe

The following precautions should be taken before using a second-hand seat:

  • Check the accessories with the assembly instructions.
  • Check the belt, straps and belt guides for any damaged or cracked parts.
  • Check that the bolts, locks, seat belt adjustments and stopping devices are working.
  • Identify any breaks or folds. Remove the cover to inspect if any parts are loose.
  • Only use seats with the orange sticker stamped ECE-R 44.03, 04 or ECE-R 129.
  • The old ECE-R 44.01 and 02 seats are no longer allowed.
  • No need to use a seat that has been damaged.

With the seat belt

Fastening your car seat with the seat belt is less secure than the Isofix because there is more risk of incorrect installation, but if the car seat is properly belted, it is just as secure for your child. You just have to make sure you put the belt through all the places in the car seat provided for this purpose and keep the belt tight and not turned. By taking the time to read the instructions and install it correctly, a car seat with a belt can also be safe.